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VEE Caulking Tool
VEE Caulking Tool
VEE Caulking Tool

VEE Caulking Tool

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Finish your DIY projects the right way

The sloppy renovations get easily noticed! VEE Caulking can help you smoothen out every bump, dent and unlined corner for a professional-looking finish to your work!

Easily put the aesthetics into order by using the scraper to the uneven area! The durable blades make quick work of stubborn glue, silicone and other commercial fillers.

Eliminate the traces of your work in the kitchen, bathroom and living areas to enjoy an aligned household. Leave it to VEE Caulking Tool to make all your DIY projects look professional.

Why THE VEE is for you!

Smooth out the corners- Create a professional finish to your DIY projects by smoothing out all the left out bumps and dents around the area! 

Leave no caulk hanging- Easily remove the stubborn caulk out of the hard-to-reach corners to leave no traces of your work!

Align your household- Forget about sloppy finishes, align every corner in your household for an aesthetically pleasing environment!

SmoothScrape is the ultimate choice- You don’t need to be pro to create professional results, easily scrape off your mistakes for a seamless finish to your DIY projects!


The 5-in-1 VEE Caulking Tools help remove and re-apply caulk quickly and neatly. The stainless steel caulk remover pulls out old caulking strips with either a push or pull motion. The triangular rubber blade is adjustable, providing three different profiles for smoothing the freshly applied caulk bead. The scraper end helps keep surfaces clean, while the soft-grip handle enhances comfort during use. 


  • Easy caulking: Can be used to strip, apply, and clean the corners of your caulking job. It has a comfortable grip for maximum ease of use.
  • 5-in-1 function: Includes 5 scrapers in one! Push or pull the stainless steel scraper to remove the old caulk. The rotatable rubber triangle with 3 bead profiles (narrow, medium, or wide) can be used to apply caulk and smoothen itto satisfaction. Finally, a plastic scraper is used for further clean-up.
  • Works on any caulk: The 5-in-1 Scraper works with acrylic, latex, and silicone,making it useful for many tasks in your home!
  • Easy caulking
  • 5-in-1 function
  • Works on any caulk

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